6-27 Keynote- Out Gunned, Out Manned, Out Maneuvered... _ Identiverse 2018


Corporations have spent millions, and collectively, billions of dollars on security programs in the last decade. Hackers, with far less money and far fewer resources routinely defeat these defenses. Not because the solutions are bad, but because companies refuse to put identity in the core of their security framework. We aren't being out-spent; so why are we always a step or several behind our enemies? Identity-centric security is the only way to win in a world where every information security organization is already out-manned, out-gunned and out-maneuvered by the enemy. It is critical to understand that while we are out-spending the enemy every single year, money is not solving the problem. Only re-establishing the core principle of identity as security in your organization will give you a fighting chance. Richard Bird is a widely recognized expert in identity management and control. In this presentation, he will address not just technology solutions for identity, but the changes and improvements you must make in governance, process, design and architecture to truly make identity the center of your secured enterprise.

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