An Enterprise's Journey to Risk Based Authentication


You have implemented multi-factor authentication for your enterprise and you even did a pretty good job at it. Now you are looking to make your MFA implementation smarter. Context based authentication allows you to reduce user friction by bypassing MFA for low risk logins, and enforcing it for the abnormal and risky login attempts. It can even let you just say “No” to the highest risk events. Join Tsvi and Greg as they walk through their journey from “Just MFA” to “Smart MFA”. They will show you how they leveraged a cloud based risk assessment service to make their MFA smarter without interrupting the normal end user experience. You will learn: •How they let the risk assessment tools start learning •How risk scores improve based on successful MFA •How they went from passive mode to active mode •How they applied it to all logins •How many extraneous step-ups were avoided to improve the user experience while maintaining security (Architecture & Deployment, MFA, Security, Authorization, Standards, Gregory Marchese, Tsvi Raab)

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