How IAM Supported the HP Company Divestitures


Hewlett Packard Enterprise has gone through some major changes over the last 4 years (3 major divestures plus several acquisitions). The changes put tremendous strain to the IAM and network infrastructures that were built without those M&A considerations. In this talk, I will examine the effort of HPE transforming their IAM stack to meet the HPE business need with Cyber Security considerations. The approach emphasizes dealing with the future threat landscape and establishing a reference architecture that incorporate multi-hybrid clouds strategy. It also compares the approaches of each divested company in their efforts of addressing the IAM and network requirements. The content will be more technical focus, including discussion of enabling 802.1x, rebuilding a directory service, adding MFA and FIDO credential, and changing customer and partner IAM systems. (Architecture & Deployment, Enterprise Identity, Security, Standards, Authentication, MFA, User Lifecycle, Peter Huang).

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