ONE-Identity Multi Tenancy Architecture at PayPal


PayPal has acquired several wholly owned subsidiaries and platforms (PayFlow, Paydiant, BrainTree and XOOM etc.) that operate as separate products or branded entities. Additionally new acquisitions will be a focus over the next several years for the company. Industry consolidation, geographic expansion, product innovation and velocity are key accelerators in the companies acquisition strategy. Leveraging “Core” business capabilities across business units, achieves greater economies of scale and cost synergies. So, whether it’s wholly owned subsidiaries or strategic partners the benefits from extended capabilities that a Multi-Tenant Platform provides, gives strategic advantage to the “Firm” going forward. PayPal’s multi-tenancy “cloud enabled application platform” must be reliable, scalable, fast, secure and be customizable by tenants(for features, policies, performance, latency and deployment characteristics). This session outlines the conceptual architecture and approaches how PayPal is leveraging industry leading standards (OAuth/SAML/SCIM/GraphQL) to create various integration patterns and allowing future services, acquisitions and partner integrations to be consistent in providing brand value to customers. (Architecture & Deployment, Enterprise, Architecture & Deployment, Standards, Vision & Strategy, Malla Simhachalam)

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