Making Sense of Identity Networks - A Primer for Decision Makers


There are ongoing global initiatives seeking to create robust digital identity networks. These identity networks will give people greater control over their personal data and allow digital identities to be portable. They will help to detect and remove fraud, and they will provide mechanisms to maintain the currency of identity data. This presentation will provide insights regarding different types of identity networks that already exist or are being developed, presents a high-level framework to understand and assess them, and provides guidance to decision-makers, policymakers, CIOs, government officials, journalists or any organization considering participating in such a network. Join this session to gain insights regarding identity networks in Canada and around the world. This session will present findings of a soon-to-be-released DIACC white paper “Making Sense of Identity Networks” with research performed by Consult Hyperion and informed by public and private sector participants. Attendees will: – Understand why identity networks matter – Elements of identity networks – Identity network example architectures – Requirements of an identity network – Comparison of identity network approaches – Advice to consider when choosing an identity network. (assured Identity, Trust Frameworks, Vision & Strategy, Consumer Identity, Government Identity, Joni Brennan, Justin Gage)

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