Scoping Customer Identity and Access in Financial Services


Customer Identity and Access Management means different things to different people. It rarely comes as a greenfield opportunity in established financial services firms. A successful strategy thus needs to manage expectations (and politics) around business value, implementation timeframes, and funding requirements. In this presentation I will provide an overview of the services required for a full-scope financial services firm. I will follow the lifecycle(s) from on-boarding, identity, authentication, to authorisation. The key differences in retail, business, and institutional requirements will be articulated, including customer/workforce overlap. Further, the presentation will provide helpful pointers to the conversations required to understand how lifecycle services are delivered today and where to draw the line. Dealing with the anxiety those conversations will create is part of that discussion. My presentation will further touch on implementation options and their respective merits. In closing I will suggest key success factors for an eventual migration into target state. While based on work for a firm with decades worth of organically grown systems, the presentation will also help in the context of greenfield environments to paint a complete picture and design for it. (CIAM, Financial Services, Vision & Strategy, Deployment & DevOps, Architecture, Olaf Grewe)

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