Functions, Micros and Mini-Services and Distributed Identity - The Immutable Future is Here


Application Architectures have changed dramatically with the advent of cloud and distributed compute. Traditional services are being decomposed into agile microservices at lightning speed, allowing businesses to roll out new API driven services as part of their digital transformation process. However, centralized Identity platforms continue to slow down the DevOps process due to issues with automation, scalability and support for distributed application architectures. In this presentation you’ll learn approaches to quickly onboard the next generation of services by engaging the developer ecosystem. Using OAuth/OIDC Standards, Application Identity (SPIFFE) and Authorization as code to build simple, repeatable patterns that onboard new-stack services into transactional zero-trust Identity ecosystem. Real world examples showcasing decomposition of existing applications, immutable identity configurations and governance policies designed to allow developers to move faster and CISO’s to rest well at night. (Developer, Architecture & Deployment, Devops, Standards, Nathanael Coffing)

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