Better Identity at Two Years: Progress, Problems, and Promise


Two years ago, the Better Identity Coalition brought together leading firms from different sectors to publish “Better Identity in America: A Blueprint for Policymakers.” At the time, the United States was still grappling with the aftermath of the Equifax breach and questions that breach raised about the viability of certain aspects of the country’s identity infrastructure. The Blueprint laid out a set of five core recommendations for how the government should help, along with an action plan for Congress, the Executive Branch, and states. Two year later, the Blueprint has gotten good reception from Democrats and Republicans alike. The White House has embraced some of its core policies and Congress is considering legislation that would put many others into law. This panel will discuss where we’ve made progress in digital identity and where we still have problems – and discuss what might happen next in the year ahead. (Jeremy Grant, Philip Lam, Diem-Mi Lu, Matt Thompson, Vision & Strategy)

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