A Patient's Identity Experience We Can Do Better


You’ve been here before. You set up a time to see your physician and they ask you to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment and bring your driver’s license and insurance card. You sit in the waiting room balancing a clipboard on your knee while you try to recall your spouse’s employer and the address of your preferred pharmacy. You provide personal details that make you nervous – SSN, DL#, Your DOB, Your Spouse’s DOB not to mention your allergies and prescriptions. The set of PII you are asked to provide is exhaustive. And this workflow hasn’t changed since FOREVER! And making it even more annoying, the next time you arrive at the same facility you have to do this all over again. This session will explain how this broken process came to be, what some health systems and payers are doing to improve it and where the healthcare sector will be (should be) in the coming years when it comes to patient enrollment, identity assurance and strong customer authentication. We will also discuss how these improved identity workflows will help to encourage a more informed patient population and even reduce patient safety errors. (Healthcare, User Experience, Identity Assurance, Authentication, Catherine Schulten)

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