Identity for Firstline Workers-Transforming Work for the Next 2 Billion


Organizations are modernizing their operations in sectors across retail, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and government. Firstline workers—sometimes called “task”, “hourly”, or even “deskless workers”—have long been overlooked. In fact, Firstline workers are the first to engage your customers, the first to see products and services in action, and the first to represent your brand. Their ambition, creativity, and action differentiates the customer experience, drives productivity, and brings your organization’s strategies to life. They also have unique technology needs, with specific security and compliance challenges that must be addressed without burdening your IT organization. Empowering your Firstline workforce for success starts with providing low-friction ways to quickly onboard, securely access the tools, applications, and data they need to be productive, while respecting security and compliance requirements to protect your data and brand. This talk will address real-world considerations when providing solutions for this important and often-untapped user population. Takeaways include, and invitation to engage via: 1. Scalable onboarding – user provisioning and integration with human-capital management systems and delegated user management. 2. Seamless sign-in and sign-out – reducing authentication friction in consideration of unique Firstline working environments. 3. Securing the Firstline worker’s shared device environment. (User Experience, User Lifecycle, Authentication, Enterprise Identity, Healthcare, Steve Ball)

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