Do No Harm- Healthcare's Patient Identity Crisis and the New Identity Horizon


Healthcare faces significant challenges in trying to balance industry and consumer demands for access to health information in an ever stricter regulatory environment. Interoperability is seen as a strategic goal to help improve patient outcomes; however, the downside of this approach is that we are now seeing large failures in protecting patient data. In 2019, the healthcare industry was under constant attack from hackers and suffered the largest data breaches yet. As organizations continue to deal with the harm these breaches have caused, there appears to be little hope on the horizon to secure healthcare data. Rather than prescribing remedies for the symptoms, what if there’s a proactive way to secure sensitive data and significantly reduce the risk of loss? At the top of the technology hype curve, we have a new Decentralized Identity Infrastructure emerging that could significantly reduce the theft of personal information across healthcare and many other industries. ( Security, Self-Sovereign Identity, Decentralized Identity, Vision & Strategy, Healthcare, Ronald Bowron

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