Troubleshooting Federation Issues on the Wire - Supporting Technologies Through Protocol Analysis


Ding! That cheery email notification portends the incident that has just been escalated to your queue. A user is experiencing an issue with a federated application. Frontline support has investigated the issue, but there are no obvious errors in the local service logs and the user can successfully connect to other federated applications. The technician has updated the ticket with the specific error message, the identifier of the connected application, and a short report of previous troubleshooting. You need to figure out the issue. Where do you begin? This session will help you diagnose some of the most common issues experienced with federated applications. Learn how to reproduce an issue with some readily available tools and investigate key elements of federation protocol messages. SAML, OAuth, and OpenID Connect scenarios will be covered. Issues to troubleshoot will include time synchronization issues, data encoding errors, data signing misconfigurations among others. (Architecture & Deployment, Federation, Standards, Devops, Security, Alex Chalmers)

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