Open Banking APIs Convergence - A Holy Grail or Reality


Open Banking is becoming the front line of the data economy in our era. It is seen as a field that fosters new industry that many governments are requiring the implementation of secure but usable APIs as part of their economic growth policy packages. At the same time, it also is closely related to the data protection and privacy policy point of view: it is the forefront in both user consent management and data portability. Given the situation, different geography has been pushing the envelope in their own ways. However, there also seems to be some desire to converge as creating local standards that are not interoperable would lead to higher long-run costs and is likely to cause more security risks. This panel discusses the recent developments, similarity and differences among open banking APIs from different geography including UK, Germany, France, Australia, India, and Japan. It will also touch on the importance of the common test harness on the interoperability as well as on the potential impact of cross-border eKYC. ( Financial Services, Open Banking, Privacy, Standards, Trust Frameworks, KYC, Vision & Strategy, Financial Service, Nat Sakimura).

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