How the Identity Portions of California's CCPA Regulations Put Consumers and Businesses at Risk


CCPA created a new legal mandate to grant consumers the right to know, correct or delete their data – something that depends on the existence of well-designed, robust, digital identity systems. Unfortunately, the CCPA regulations proposed by the California Attorney General prescribe an outdated approach to identity verification – rooted in passwords and static KBA – that will put the personal data of consumers at increased risk. This session will dive into the identity-related portions of the CCPA regulations, outlining how CCPA has made compromised passwords more valuable. It will also detail how California’s prescribed process for identity verification eschews standards and best practices in favor of the “Are You Rob Base?” approach — created years ago to parody ineffective approaches to identity — centered around the use case of trying to establish whether noted MC Rob Base of legendary hip-hop duo Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock is in fact who he claims to be. In keeping with the theme, this session may feature opportunities for dancing. (Privacy, CCPA, KBA, Security, Vision & Strategy, Jeremy Grant

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