Deepfake, Cheapfake The Internet's Next Earthquake?


In this session, Kathryn Harrison, CEO of DeepTrust Alliance will discuss the advent of deepfakes (AI generated videos, audio, text) and their impact on digital trust- Are deepfakes the earthquake to rock the internet of 2020? What are steps being taken to overcome these challenges? In 2020, internet platforms ranging from Facebook to TikTok to Twitter have rushed to set out deepfake policies. Congress has come up with dozens of legislative proposals. Deepfakes, however, are just the latest innovation in the long standing tradition of misinformation. Cheapfakes, digital forgeries made with traditional editing tools, are an even more serious threat to our society. While most people are thinking about digital fakes in the context of media and politics, they present a significant challenge to the entire digital economy. The identity of content creators and the content itself is a critical component to solving these challenges. DeepTrust Alliance will share how identity technology and human interventions are coming together to significantly reduce the incidence of misinformation. We will share the cross-industry taxonomy being developed and how this work is being used by companies to prevent and combat fraud, not to mention in support truth telling in media and elections. ( Security, Identity at Scale, Vision & Strategy, Privacy, Kathryn Harrison)

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