Mobile Driver's License Built with Privacy by Design and Default - a Discussion


Ever wonder how product development teams decide what features to build? How they take regulations, standards and good practice guidance like Privacy by Design principles and build tangible products that people want? For this session, you will hear the UX Design Lead, Lead Business Analyst and Identity Architect from a product team of a global identity and security company discuss the complex dance of how to design and build a product with designed-in privacy and data protection. The product is a Mobile Driver’s License (mDL) app – a form of Government-issued photo ID – built to the requirements of ISO 18013-5 and designed with the data concerns of the issuer, verifier and individual needs in mind. We’ll discuss how the mDL is a digital version of the physical plastic, with privacy protections that are only possible in software. We even have a live(-ish) demo to show! (Privacy, Security, Standards, Cameron Champeau, Andrew Hughes, George Huszar )

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