Kicking and Screaming: Migrating your legacy appts to modern security


Do you have a plan to drag your legacy apps into the 21st century? How will you modernize them so they’re protected with identity-based security rather than relying on legacy security protocols? Join Sean to learn how to answer these questions and learn best practices gained from building and executing an application modernization program in a major consumer-facing company. You’ll take away what works and, even more importantly, what doesn’t: •Understanding the need for stakeholder buy-in •Building a modernization process •Discovering apps •Categorizing them •Understanding the different “assembly lines” each type requires •Addressing the security aspects of each type Use the “in the trenches” knowledge you’ll take away from this session to avoid common project pitfalls and to ease both application team and user experience during the modernization process. (Architecture & Deployment, Project Management, Enterprise Identity, Development, Security, Sean Deuby)

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