Ping Identity Presents: How to Measure the Unexpected Value of Customer Identity


Customer identity professionals speak in terms like IdPs, SPs and OIDC. Business leaders understand terms like customer acquisition, revenue, and customer lifetime value. This disconnect can make it difficult to convey the value customer identity investments can provide and get the resources you need. Join us in this session as we walk through a sophisticated business value calculator that translates customer identity enhancements into the results they’ll drive for your business. We’ll show you how to take inputs from your business—like login and registration abandonment rates, average customer expenditure, and profit margins—and use them to calculate the effect various customer identity enhancements will have. We’ll show example use cases from several industries and give you the opportunity to input numbers from your own enterprise to see what effect customer identity will have on your business. This session will arm you with a powerful conversation to have with your business that will convey the value of customer identity and raise your status within your organization. (Dustin Maxey, Vikas Mundada, Sponsored).

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