A Human Centered Approach


For both consumers and developers of identity & access management products, if you don’t understand the behaviors, mental models, needs & preferences of the people in the enterprise, you risk not getting the desired business outcome from the deployed technology. Instead of the security, compliance, and streamlined employee/customer experiences you envisioned, you may end up with work disruptions, roll-backs, productivity decreases, and increased support calls. Most of us already know that systems, products and features are most effective when they’re both useful and usable for real people in real contexts. But how do you get there? How do you justify user experience (UX) research and how do you fit it into your process? This session will feature UX researchers that live & breathe every day in the identity and access management space. They'll share success stories that demonstrate the value of UX research for your teams and discuss practical ways to keep the humans of the enterprise as a center focus of your development and deployment lifecycle so you get the business outcome you want. ( Juliette Hainline, Charlotte Massey, Keita Wangari, Vision & Strategy, Architecture, Design)

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