Stop Blaming the End User


As Digital Identity technologists, we’re used to rolling our eyes at onerous (and downright unfriendly) user experiences. But we know our SMS OTPs from our TOTPs. We’re experts at navigating complex password policies, for registration and resets. We know when to share our biometric and other sensitive data, and when to be more cautious. But spare a thought for the average user. They’re often described as the weakest link in security. We shouldn’t be blaming them. They’re bemused, confused, and sometimes livid about the hoops we make them jump through. This session will take you on an amusing and honest appraisal of Digital Identity Experience from the end user’s perspective, in their own words. Build empathy to connect with their problems by walking a mile in their shoes. We will cover user registration, authentication, password reset, account recovery and more. I’ll present a ToDo List for improving user experience, based on current industry recommendations. We owe it to society to protect end users and their data, and build trust. Cost-effective and user-friendly identity experiences are the ultimate goal. So let’s reflect on our shortcomings and get serious about improving the status quo! (Enterprise Identity, Customer Identity, Standards, Architecture, user experience, Mark Perry)

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