Customers and Partners - Seamless Experiences for Every Relationship


Organizations going through digital transformation need to manage and secure the identities of users beyond their organizational boundaries, including partners, customers, and citizens. They want a single solution that that is user-centric and flexible, secure, and scalable enough to support global users authenticating with any kind of identity, that doesn’t require deployment of multiple disconnected identity solutions, and that has rich customization for both consumer and business-facing use cases. Organizations seek to deepen engagement with customers and partners must balance seamless authentication and integration with diverse apps and services, with security and governance to protect their organizations’ and their end users’ data. Using real world examples, this talk will cover approaches for organizations to create customized, branded experiences where customers and partners can ‘bring their own identity’. We will also highlight considerations for managing the lifecycle of all types of users. (Customer Identity, User Lifecycle, Standards, Architecture & Deployment, User Experience, Robin Goldstein)

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