Best Practices for Building Progressive Authentication Electronic Arts Case Study


Identity services can become complicated with a multitude of user scenarios and changing compliance requirements. For a player playing EA games, authentication experience can vary by game platform (Consoles, Mobile, Cloud Streaming), type of game (Online, Offline, Single/Multiplayer, free/paid), game level (Tutorial, Beginner, Advanced), player location (regional privacy laws), cross-platform progression (same user switching between identifiers), etc. The artifact of such complex use cases with dynamic player engagement requires adhering to the best practice so that the player’s authentication experience is seamless. For instance, a player playing a game in mobile can progress from anonymous identity to a federated identity and further to a EA/Publisher account as they engage with social and cross-platform features. As the player gets deeply engaged and the value of account increases, security related authentication experience needs to be considered without impacting players gaming experience. Take away from the session will be insights into EA’s learning on player identity and a compilation of best practices that can be considered for user authentication experience in general. (Enterprise, MFA, Authentication, Consumer Identity, Security, Architecture & Deployment, User Experience, Shengyong Li, Anand Nair)

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