eID and BankID in the Nordics - An Interesting Model


The Nordic region consists of the countries Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and has a population of approximately 26 million. Of this population, 80% of the eligible people have an federated eID (electronic Identifier), and the usage is on average four times per week. The advantage for the user is having one set of credentials to remember and use for a multitude of services, from government and bank login to insurance, healthcare, vehicle registration and tanning salons. This presentation will show how the widespread use of eID in the Nordics is making life simpler and more secure for users. While the service providers will receive verified credentials for their clients, which also gives opportunity for new services. The Nordic region may be seen as a show case for the use of federated eID. (Consumer Identity, Identity at Scale, Standards, Architecture & Deployment, Privacy, Security, Financial Services, User Experience, John Erik Setsaas)

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