The Future of Customer Authentication: Will Your Customers Pay the Price for the Mounting Threats?


The job of effective customer authentication is becoming more difficult with malicious parties continually attacking our defense layers. The traditional something you know layer, e.g. passwords and knowledge-based questions, is largely broken. Something you have is under assault with methods like device recognition and SMS one-time codes starting to weaken. Who is feeling the pain of traditional authentication techniques breaking, the customer, the financial institution, or both? Shifting too much burden to the customer could have detrimental impacts to your business. Customers want easy access to their online accounts. They expect their financial institution to keep out the bad guys while letting them in without hassle. In this session, we will explore trends in the customer authentication threat landscape and their impacts. We will talk about how customers feel about the perceived increase in security hurdles. We will discuss the changes needed in multi-factor authentication to respond to these threats and customer needs. For instance, are you considering continuous authentication, stronger something you have options and adoption of something you are techniques like biometrics. Lastly, we will discuss how we might bring the customer along the change journey as authentication evolves. (CIAM, Authentication, User Experience, MFA, Vision & Strategy, Security, Melissa Heng)

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