Will User Experience Kill Open Banking?


Within five years, Open Banking will be the norm rather than the exception in financial markets worldwide. But for all of the hype, there are some serious issues limiting its promise of data portability with informed consent. While the identity security specifications are generally well designed in each jurisdiction, user experience (authentication, user consent and ongoing authorization) is not as easy or as seamless as it should be. What can we learn from Open Banking experiences in the most mature geographies — the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Europe? How has each jurisdiction designed its user experience? How has this, in turn, impacted user take-up? How have open standards been used (or modified) to fit local Open Banking requirements? How has that made the identity experience more transparent, seamless, or easy — for end users, developers and implementers — or not? This session will detail the important lessons from a user experience perspective, cover the efforts being made to remediate existing problems, and make recommendations for Open Banking’s implementation in emerging markets, like the USA. (Financial Services, Open Banking, API, Access Control, Security, Trust Frameworks, User Experience, Mark Perry).

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