PlainID Presents: Can AIM Be Supercharged?


Imagine the following scenario. You are creating a role in your IAM system for DBAs. This role needs to be attached to all DBA type of entitlements. What happens when you have a new DB? You have to connect this new entitlement to the new DB. You’d need to modify the entitlement within the role. Sound familiar? With hundreds or thousands of DBs, this is not scalable, and security is often left by the wayside in this situation. In a Policy Based Access Control (PBAC) role, you have the logic of the connection defined as part of the role. To be able to manage the logic, and therefore all of the roles and entitlements is supercharging IAM. In this masterclass, we will show case studies where we’re getting an 80% reduction in entitlements and roles, and how companies are transitioning to managing policies instead of roles. When you use a PBAC role, it means the role itself becomes more dynamic. It defines the role in a dynamic way. It defines the role using company strategy and foresight. -Walk away with actual data and experiences of before/after scenarios for managing Authorizations. -Walk away with a framework for implementing modernized access control -Understand the different methods of Access Control that companies are standardizing on, and how to choose the right path for your company. ( Gal Helemski, sponsored).

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