The State of FIDO Authentication


The FIDO Alliance is an industry organization that creates standards to make logging into online accounts easier and more secure. In the last year the FIDO Alliance has made significant progress in their mission to solve the world’s password problem, with leading platforms and web browsers adding support for FIDO Authentication out-of-the-box. This support makes FIDO available for use on billions of devices consumers use every day. As a continuation of its efforts, FIDO Alliance announced last year two new work areas to address authentication in Internet of Things (IoT) devices and identity verification and binding. These initiatives build upon the Alliance’s ongoing focus on driving the efficacy and market adoption of FIDO Authentication by addressing adjacent technology areas that leave security vulnerabilities on the web. In this session, Andrew Shikiar, executive director and CMO of FIDO Alliance, will provide an update on FIDO adoption, what has changed in the last year, and how the Alliance has positioned FIDO for adoption at scale. In addition, Shikiar will give updates on the Alliance’s new work areas in identity verification & binding and IoT, and how these advancements contribute to FIDO MFA, Authentication, Standards, Vision & Strategy, IoT, Security, Standards, Andrew Shikiar)

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